Creative Solutions

The Problem
Personalized Design
Trusting The Process
Now That Was Fun
Event Planning
Business Planning
Media Planning
Project Management
  • Transformations: Organization, Branding, Graphic Design, Website Design...

  • Live Broadcasting: Visit our sister network (LINK)

  • Business Consultant:  Conceptualizing, Business Plan/Structure, Training, Marketing...

Creative Planning
  • Event Planning


  • Business Planning


  • Media Planning

Actor Workshops
Mentor-2-Mentee w/ Mr. Z - Virtual Mentoring
Vocal Coaching
Healthy Living
Creative Training
  • Actor Workshop (Level I, II, III)


  • Mentoring Program


  • Vocal Coaching


  • Management Training


  • Healthy Living

How “Creative Solutions” work:

  • Cost - $75

    • Non-refundable initial consultation deposit

    • Preliminary research & preparation

    • Deposit applied to overall solution's fee

    • Guaranteed 1hr face to face meeting


  • Form Submission

    • Allows clients to clearly state their expectations/needs

    • Clients will receive an immediate confirmation email upon submission

    • Expect to be contacted by an I-KAN Consultant within 24hrs.

    • Receive a total plan outline/estimate with associated estimated costs


  • Face To Face Meeting (Consultation)

    • Complete survey to identify which services are needed to satisfy client’s needs

    • Generate a plan of action and set reasonable deadlines

    • Full disclosure of fees and any additional associated costs

    • Sign standard agreement

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