I-KAN (I Know A Name) LLC. Presents an Inspirational Musical Stage Play, "Ready To Grow - Part I & II"  February 19-21, 2016 (Debut)

Program Cover - Feb 19, 2016
Writer & Producer
Reggie James Pace
Jean & Vernae L Taylor
Ready To Grow Part I & II
The Cast
Benie Hicks & Lonny
Church Mamas
Robert & Helen Daniels
Brandy, Lonny, & Bro'B
Court Room
Brothers Gone Wrong
Cast & Crew
Ready To Grow Part II
Church Congregation
Bro'B & Lonny
Robert & Helen Daniels
Carlton Weeks, Lonny, & Brandy
Church Mamas & Lonny
Reggie & Mama Wright
Sharmaine, Mother Collins
Curtain Call
Pastor Jude, Hick & Beanie, Helen
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