We stand tall with white flags of grace at the helm... They wonder how our tears water instead of drown... Making moves that defy the strength of the noose, using it to climb...This is the black EXPERIENCE.

Family dinners on Sunday that taste just as good on Tuesday, we vibe to our own beat... Paying less for more and doing more with less, the memories build character... From sea to shining sea our sex appeal runs through the world's veins. This is the black EXPERIENCE.

The attitudes that infect social class barriers... The rhythm that competes as equals with their money... The visions that create foundations to the majority of their inventions... This is the black EXPERIENCE.

You know what? Being BLACK is all that!

Truth is that His'story can't be told without Our'story. So instead of focusing on how we react to them, let's continue living so the LEGACY can never be denied.

This is the black EXPERIENCE and I'm proud to be black!

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